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Air Hockey Glossary

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  • Angle Shot: A shot that is aimed at a specific angle to increase the chances of scoring a goal. Players use the side walls to redirect the puck towards the opponent's goal.

  • Bank Shot: A shot where the puck is intentionally bounced off the side walls to change its trajectory and confuse the opponent's defense.
  • Block/Blocker: A defensive maneuver where a player positions their pusher to prevent the opponent from shooting the puck into the goal.


  • Championship/Tournament: A competitive event where players compete against each other to determine the winner of a specific air hockey title or trophy.
  • Crossover: A technique where a player quickly moves their pusher from one side of the table to the other, often used to switch between offense and defense.


  • Deflection: A defensive move where a player redirects the opponent's shot away from the goal by angling their pusher.


  • Face-off: The initial start of the game or the resumption of play after a goal is scored. The puck is placed at the center of the table, and players compete to gain possession.
  • Fast Break: A quick offensive maneuver in which a player swiftly moves the puck from defense to offense, attempting to score before the opponent has a chance to react.


  • Goal/Goal Box: The openings at each end of the table where players aim to score points by shooting the puck into the opponent's goal.


  • Penalty: An infraction that results in a disadvantage for the offending player, such as the loss of a point or a temporary removal from the game.
  • Power Play: A situation where one player has temporarily gained an advantage, such as when the opponent's pusher is removed from the table, resulting in a one-sided game.
  • Puck: The round disc used in air hockey. It is made of plastic and designed to slide smoothly across the table surface.
  • Pusher/Striker/Mallet: The handheld paddle-like instrument used to strike the puck during gameplay. It is usually made of plastic with a felt or rubber bottom to enhance control.


  • Rebound: When the puck hits a surface, such as the side walls or the pusher, and changes direction, allowing for a second attempt at scoring.
  • Reset/Restart: The act of returning the puck to play after it has gone out of bounds or a goal has been scored.


  • Scoreboard/Score Counter: A mechanism used to keep track of the score during gameplay. It can be electronic or manual.
  • Scoop Shot: A shot where a player lifts the puck off the table using the edge of their pusher, creating a high-arcing shot that can be challenging to defend against.
  • Spin Shot: A shot where the player applies spin to the puck to make it curve or change direction mid-air, making it difficult for the opponent to block.
  • Sudden Death: A tie-breaking format where the first player to score a goal wins the game.


  • Table: A specially designed table with a smooth playing surface and an air cushion created by blowers to reduce friction and allow the puck to glide easily.

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