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How to choose an air hockey table

There are a lot of considerations to think about when purchasing an air hockey table for your home, arcade, rec room, man cave, church, lobby, game room, or garage. Do you need it to be a professional tournament quality air hockey table or just want something fun that the kids and friends can enjoy? Are you interested in playing outdoors and looking for a waterproof table or want a unique masterpiece of a handcrafted air hockey table? carries many different types of air hockey tables from the top brands in the sport including ICE Games, Gold Standard Games, Brunswick, Dynamo, Berner, Kalkomat, and Atomic. You won't have trouble finding the right table on our site. You can shop air hockey tables by brand, type, or size.

Below are a few ways to shop professional air hockey tables:


We carry all sizes of tables from 5ft to 8ft or tournament approved size. If you have a small space or small people looking to play air hockey, a smaller table would be a good option for you. If you're looking for a tournament approved table for competition and sanctioned events then an 8ft table is a must for you, there is no other option. 

We also sell tables in between those sizes that are perfect for competition and arcades from 6ft to 7ft tables with tons of features. A 7ft table gives you plenty of space without compromising too much in performance. Most of the arcade tables you will find are between 7 and 8 feet long. 


Air hockey tables come with all sorts of features and this is probably the most important reason to buy a table. Some tables have LED lights, sounds, and effects that make an arcade-style experience. These tables typically have a higher price tag but make up for it in gameplay. Blacklights, LEDs, sounds, etc. can make a big difference for the player.

If you're not into lights and sounds you should opt for a non-coated aluminum rails table without lights and sounds. This will save you money and give you maximum performance. 

Another big feature would be an overhead light and scoring unit. This helps provide either a white or blacklight experience for the game and keeps the score on display for all to see. The overhead unit is exciting but does take up more space and adds cost to the table. 

Curved tables are super unique and can add a fun element to your air hockey table. We carry a few models that have a curved surface that has optimum movement to the puck and creates a unique gameplay experience. These tables are fun an innovative but not the standard surface. If you're looking for unique, that would be a feature to look for. 

Some tables come with vertical guards in the middle of the table and on the sides to stop errant pucks. If you're worried about flying pucks invest in a table that has guards. Guards will add weight and cost to your table so think about the investment of guards and if its worth it for you.

Scoring functions are important to think about as well. Many tables have digital and automatic scoring features but many have embedded abacus scorers for players. Manual scoring allows players to keep up with the score and gives a more traditional feel to the game. If you're not interested in automatic scoring, opt for an abacus or manual scoring unit.

Did you know we carry waterproof air hockey tables? That's right, Kalkomat carries many 100% waterproof air hockey tables that are spillproof, weather proof, and ready for your most extreme playing condition. They even have automatic dryers that help dry up the table. Kalkomat air hockey tables are made for the elements and are highly durable tables. 

Coin-Op or Home

Many of the tables we carry are either coin-op, home only, or hybrid air hockey tables. We offer versatile units built for any situation. Looks through the product descriptions to see whether there is a coin-op table or home version of the air hockey table you're looking for. Most of the coin-op tables still carry a free play ability so you're not stuck searching under the sofa for spare change. 

If you want the true arcade feel then a coin-op unit will be your choice. If you want to save on cash and just get something simple and classic thats easy for everyone to compete, then a home version is what you need. Many of the home options have all of the same features as the coin-op arcade style units but designed specifically for home use.


Whichever air hockey table you choose, make sure and look through all of the great options we carry at We carry the best table options and won't be beat on price. And as always, always offer free US shipping on all air hockey tables.